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End-User Instructions

NexDir Lite is a program that allows you to make online changes to your web pages, using a graphical editor, without having to go back to your web designer each time. You may change anything that appears in the editing area however you wish, and then save the page when you are finished.

Don't worry - you can't "break" anything. The special HTML programming code and page formatting inside your web page will NOT be disturbed.

Everything you see is either intuitively easy to understand, or there is a ? icon that gives a popup help/explanation.


Log In

Visit the NexDir Lite location with your web browser.

Enter your login username and password, and then click the button to initiate the login process. (If you click the "Remember me" checkbox a cookie will be placed on your computer. Then, any time you go to the login page your username and password will be automatically supplied and you'll be automatically logged right in.)

Selecting A File To Edit

The navigation area allows you to move from one folder "into" another. If you want to open a different folder from the one currently displayed, just select the desired folder from the Folder drop-down list and then click the Open button.

If you open a folder that has any files you're allowed to edit in it, those files will be displayed in the Files nagivation drop-down list.

If the file you want to edit is shown in the Files drop-down list, you can click on the file to highlight it.

Note: If the file you want to edit is buried within several folders, you will have to repeat step 1 until you are in the correct folder and your file is listed. For example, let's say that your file is located here:

This means that you will first need to select folder1 from the folder drop-down list, and then select folder2 from the folder drop-down list once the page has reloaded. Once you are "in" the folder2 folder, the myfile.html file will be listed in the files drop-down list and you can select it.

Click the Open button to open the file for editing.

Note: The editor page might take a minute to load, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Previewing and Saving Your Changes

At any time during editing, you can click the Preview button to open a new window and see how your changes look. Click the "Close this preview window" button to return to the editing page.
If you're finished editing, click the Save button and your changes will be instantly saved and made live.
Exiting The Program

When you are finished editing your file(s) you should click the logout link to exit from the program.
Uploading Files

If the administrator has enabled this ability for you, then you will see an upload link at the top right area of the page. Just click this link to start the Upload Utility.

Note: The upload locations are preset by your administrator. If you aren't sure where your files are located after uploading them, you should contact your administrator for assistance.


Click here to see an image of the editor in action.


Click here to continue to the Demo!


username: demo  password: demo



If you would like to have NexDir Lite added to your web site please contact us by clicking here.