Newport Internet: NexDir Lite


NexDir Lite is an easy to use content editing tool for website owners or designers who want a very simple and visual way to quickly edit pre-defined areas on any web page, through any browser, without messing up the rest of the web page. (NexDir Lite can also edit entire web pages and regular text files, too.)


If you have web pages that require periodic or frequent content updates, then NexDir Lite can make your life a lot easier.

NexDir Lite allows you to manage your own web page content without worrying about messing up the navigation system or other "complicated" things like that. Using NexDir Lite to edit your web pages means you will never again run the risk of messing up the programming or "non-editable" parts of your website.


It will also save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars you might have to pay to an experienced web developer to make those changes for you.



NexDir Lite is specifically designed to work seamlessly with existing web pages (including Dreamweaver templates and similar programs) without having to modify the existing design or HTML you or your designer has worked hard to create.

NexDir Lite you can easily edit any web page or you can create editable regions (called "Snippets").

It's easy! Here's an example of a Snippet below.


Page content goes here...
<!-- #BeginSnippet name="My editable area" -->

Place any web page content you wish to make editable here...

<!-- #EndSnippet -->

Page content goes here...



Easy Web Site Editing


Unlike most "content management systems" that require you to build your entire website around a complicated system. NexDir Lite is designed to allow changes to only the pre-defined areas of your existing web pages. This ability to control exactly what you can and can't edit removes the possibilty of anyone ever messing up the whole page! Just define the desired content areas (the Snippets)... and they are now editable online at any time!


Click here to try our Demo!


Click here to see an image of the editor in action.

NexDir Lite also allows multiple users, and you can even specify who can access each Snippet.

There's no complicated content management system to learn, no complicated installation or database requirements, and no need to redesign or redeploy any existing web pages. Just "wrap" the HTML you want to be editable with the Snippet Tags, and it's available for online editing right away!

Using the integrated browsing system, you are able to easily add/modify/remove links & images, and you can even specify folders to "include" or "exclude" so the person editing the web pages can't navigate somewhere they shouldn't be allowed.


If you would like to have NexDir Lite added to your web site please contact us by clicking here.