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As a courtesy, Newport Internet offers basic instructions for setting up a few of the more widely used mobile phones such as iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry.  If you wish to learn how to access your email via Webmail please go here.

We are not responsible for the functions or reliability of such products. Extended telephone technical support may be charged to your account if an email problem lies with your application settings and not our system.  Please use these pages to ascertain your settings are correct.

You can always use Web-Based Email to send and receive email messages. But you also can view your email with an email client. To access your email on your mobile phone, add an account with the settings outlined below. Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) lets you access email stored on a mail server from multiple computers and devices without transferring them between computers. Post Office Protocol (POP) lets you retrieve email from a remote server through your third-party email client. BEFORE YOU START: To set up your device with your email, you need to know your POP or IMAP Email Server Settings and ports.

The basic settings we use are as follows:

Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server:
Outgoing server requires authentication
Use same settings as your incoming server
Incoming server port (POP3): 110
Incoming server port (IMAP): 143
Outgoing server port (SMTP): 25

If your settings appear to be correct please read our email FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to determine if there is another issue that might be causing the problem.

Also, some service providers have taken to blocking port 25 for outgoing mail due to spam traffickers
abusing outgoing servers.  IF port 25 doesn't appear to be working for you alter your outgoing mail servers port to 587.

Click on the name of the phone that you wish to setup, for more detailed instructions for setting up your account.

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