Eudora Program


This page explains how to set up the free Eudora e-mail program to send and receive e-mail for a POP mailbox that you've created.

Starting the Eudora Wizard

These instructions explain how to start the new account wizard in Eudora. This allows you to add additional e-mail accounts.

Locate the "Persona" window in the top-left of the main Eudora window. (If the "Persona" window is not visible, choose Personalities from Eudora's Tools menu to show it.)

The "Persona" window shows your existing accounts. Right click in the white space below the existing accounts, making sure you do not click on an existing account. Select New from the menu that appears.

Setting up Mail

1. Start with the first screen of the wizard.

Select Create a brand new email account, then click Next.

2. The wizard asks for the Personality Name.

Enter your e-mail address for the Personality Name, then click Next.

3. The wizard asks for your Personal Information.

This is the name that other people will see when you send them e-mail. It should be your real name, such as John Smith or Joan of Arc. Type your name, then click Next.

4. The wizard asks for your Email Address.

Type your e-mail address, then click Next.

5. The wizard asks for your User Name.

The "User Name" is the same as your e-mail address. Type the "User Name", then click Next.
(The user name must be all lowercase).

6. The wizard asks for your Incoming Email Server.

Type as the "Incoming Server", then click Next. (Leave the server type as "POP".)

7. The wizard asks for your Outgoing Email Server.

Type as the "Outgoing Server", then click Next. (Leave the "Allow authentication" box checked.)

8. Close the wizard.

Click Finish to close the New Account Wizard.

Although the wizard is finished, you need to make one more change to the account you just created to be able to send mail. Continue with the instructions below.

9. Open the Properties window of the new account.

Locate the address you just created in the "Persona" section of the main Eudora account window. (The "Persona" section is in the upper-left of the Eudora window; if you don't see it, choose Personalities from the Tools menu to make it visible.)

Right click on the account you just created and choose Properties from the menu that appears.

10. The Account Settings window appears.

In the Generic Properties tab:
Make sure the Use relay personality, if defined checkbox is not checked

When you're finished with this screen, click OK.
Setup is complete

If you're using Eudora 6.2 or later, you're finished. Try sending a test message to yourself to make sure it works. If you're using a version of Eudora older than 6.2, you may receive an error message asking for an SSL certificate. If so, we recommend you upgrade your version of Eudora.

You can download Eudora from

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